As normality returns to the UK to some extent, with offices reopen and people returning to work, it’s an important time to give your fire risk safety an important health check.

While it has always been an important part of ensuring the safety and protection of people in the home and work setting, it is even more important now to reduce risk and danger whenever we can.

Additional Considerations Due to Covid-19

During such a unique time under the current Covid-19 crisis, a number of adjustments have been made to people’s lives, including how we treat the very physical spaces we inhabit.

For example, with the importance of remaining socially distant whenever possible, many premises have significantly adjusted layouts to cater to this, and prevent the spread of the virus. This has meant tables and furniture have been moved in many offices and electrical equipment and cables have been relocated.

Even within the home environment, households and HMOs have erected temporary barriers or walls to reduce the amount of close contact with others.

All of this, while offering temporary benefits for reducing unnecessary cross-contamination, may have inadvertently increased the risk of fire hazards. It’s important to consider how the various changes to your setting and behaviours may have impacted your circumstance, and factor this into your fire risk assessment accordingly.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment Report?

Despite the unprecedented events that have taken place recently, the definition and importance of a fire risk assessment report have remained the same. Essentially, these reports are a way to effectively evaluate all the potential risks and hazards in a home or office. Based on this, certain recommendations will be made to ensure ongoing safety.

It is perhaps more important now than ever to uphold the government’s guidelines on correct fire safety standards. These are designed to reduce the risk of the fire’s occurring in the first place, as well as improve the escape and prevention methods available should an incident occur.

What Does a Fire Risk Assessment Include?

One of the most important aspects of the assessment involves checking that escape routes are clear and accessible. Especially if furniture has been moved around to support social distancing or fire doors have been wedged open. Cables, chairs, desks or electronics must not cause fires, increase the chance of them spreading, or prevent people from escaping.

At UK-Fire Risk Assessments, we can carry out a comprehensive report and assessment to help you maintain appropriate fire safety standards in your home or office setting. As well as applying best practices according to government guidelines, we can also help make additional recommendations based on the current Covid-19 crisis.