FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of FAQs about Fire Risk Assessments

What will happen on the day of the Risk Assessment?

A UK-Fire Risk Assessments assessor will arrive at your premises at the arranged time and introduce himself to the ‘Responsible Person’ or person in control of the risk assessment process. The assessor will then spend some time asking a few questions and looking at any fire related documents you may have in place. Upon completion of the documentation/questions, the assessor will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your premises covering all areas.  Photographs and notes will be taken via a handheld device to record all risks and hazards to persons occupying the building the assessor identifies.  On completion of the assessment the assessor will provide a debrief of his findings prior to leaving and compiling your full report.

What documentation do I need to prepare prior to the fire risk assessment?

If you have documentation in place (don’t worry if you don’t, this will be highlighted in the risk assessment for you to complete if required) the risk assessor will request to see evidence of. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Fire Safety Policy and Evacuation Procedures
  • Any documentation sent from Fire Authorities
  • Staff Training Records
  • Fire Log books (to include Emergency Lighting , Fire Alarm testing, Fire Doors, Final exit doors, fire extinguishers, fire evacuation drills.
  • Servicing/Maintenance Records (Emergency lighting, fire alarm system, Gas installation, NIC electrical certification

How long before I get the Report after the Assessment Process?

We ask our clients to make full payment before any documentation is sent out.  As soon as payment is received your documentation will be emailed to you.  UK-Fire Risk Assessments are able to provide a report to you on the same day the risk assessment was conducted dependant on timings.

How quickly can I get a risk assessment conducted?

UK-Fire Risk Assessments will liaise with the client to see what is a best time to suit them.  We are able to conduct fire risk assessments at urgent notice.  Please Contact Us for further information or to book your risk assessment.

Are you members of any associations?

UK-Fire Risk Assessments are Affiliate Organisation Member of the IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) you can view our Company Listing here

What happens if the Fire Authority are involved?

UK-Fire Risk Assessments can liaise with yourself to provide advice and recommendations and also liaise with your local fire authority if requested with regards to any Prohibition, Enforcement or Alteration notices that may have been issued.

Are UK-Fire Risk Assessments covered by Insurance?

Yes.  Our Insurance documents and liability documents are available upon request.

Do you provide fire related equipment?

No.  UK-Fire Risk Assessments do not sell or up sell any fire related equipment.  We will only provide recommendations for what is required within your premises to comply with the regulations.  We would not want to compromise our recommendations with our ability to provide you with the required equipment.

What buildings do you cover, and are communal areas of residential buildings required to have a fire risk assessment?

UK-Fire Risk Assessments cover all buildings: Schools, Offices, Retail shops and Outlets, Licensed Premises, Factories/ Workshops, Places of Worship, Care Homes.  Communal areas of residential blocks are required to have a fire risk assessment under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. UK-Fire Risk Assessments are able to conduct all of these for you. Please Contact Us

Do you provide Annual Inspections?

Yes, a member of our team will contact you prior to the date your annual review was recommended.