As a property owner or manager, there are a few strategies you can employ to keep your property safe. This includes protecting it from things like fires, as well as break-ins and deterioration.

We’ve collected a few of our favourite methods that any landlord or property owner can use to give them more peace of mind.

Use Borders

You can ensure good practices on your property are maintained, but it’s impossible to guarantee that your neighbour’s (or your neighbour’s tenants) do the same. Sometimes, having an effective border in place will discourage foot traffic into your property through other people’s gardens or properties. This includes borders along main walkways, brick or wooden garden fences, and organic barriers like hedges.

This is especially helpful in keeping areas from turning into muddy pits during the rainy season, or from clutter and rubbish that belongs to other people accumulating in your space. As a potential fire hazard and something that can reduce the value of your property, this is certainly something worth keeping in mind.

Hedges are a great way to protect your tenants and the building itself from being vandalized. Those seeking entry into a rental property may think twice about doing so if there is a natural barrier that would hinder a quick escape.

Keep Walkways Clear and in Good Condition

Regularly maintaining the walkways of your rental property is important for giving people a clear way to exit the property during accidental fires. Tenants can easily trip and fall over boxes, old furniture or overgrown vegetation.

Make sure that the walkways around your property are in good condition and clearly mark areas that are uneven, or dangerous, such as uneven grounding or steps that could cause people to fall over.

Implement Fire Mitigation Strategies

Once you’ve had your fire risk assessment performed by a professional, you are in a good position to enhance the fire safety conditions of your property. In addition to making the necessary adjustments so you are completely compliant with government regulations, you can start to think about additional ways to prevent fires breaking out.

For example, you might want to replace old appliances with new ones, or you could look to change the materials used in your home to reduce the number of items that could catch fire. Also, better storage and organisation features in your property can make it easier for your tenants to stay tidy, which in turn could reduce the chance of an accidental fire happening.

Keep Hydrants and Extinguishers Clear

Fires are a real danger to rental properties. Ensuring that firefighters can easily access the fire hydrant is vital to keeping your tenants and your building safe from harm.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Sometimes, you can’t always stop the damage from happening to your property and having effective insurance is the only way to make sure you can cover the cost of any serious damage caused by fire or from break-ins. You probably already have a policy in place, but it’s worth checking your renewal dates so it doesn’t lapse as well as check that it’s comprehensive enough for your needs.

Commission a Fire Risk Assessment and Survey in Lincoln

In a city filled with millions of rental properties and renters, as well as an incredibly high population, having a few strategies in place to protect your property and tenants can go a long way. In addition to the above, if you’d like to arrange a fire risk assessment and survey in Lincoln to identify any areas that could lead to accidental fires and damage, get in touch with us at UK-Fire Risk Assessments.